Searching for desirable FIFA 20 players

A hugely important factor in choosing which players to trade with is to consider which players are desirable, player prices in FUT are all based on the law of supply and demand,the players with the most demand and least supply are always the most expensive (this is not always the highest-rated players as you might expect!). So, look for the players, in the leagues that are most desirable. Statistics are released often by EA Sports about the most transferred players and the most players transferred from which leagues. At the time of writing this content the order for league popularity is as follows:

  1. BPL
  2. Bundesliga
  3. La Liga
  4. Ligue 1
  5. Serie A

This can change frequently dependent on players signing into leagues, the success of teams in their respective leagues, Champions League and Europa league performances. Players being released in the TOTW will also see more players possibly transferred in those leagues as people look to build new squads etc. It goes without saying that the players in these leagues are the most well-known in the world and the most-watched leagues so people will know who the popular players are because of the games that they see in real life. Also, nationality is something that needs considering as making hybrid squads is becoming more and more popular with every FIFA that is released. For example, Brazilian players are always extremely popular. In FIFA a lot of emphases is placed on pace and strength, as well as skill. Defenders need to have at least two of these to make them great defenders and to a large extent so does a forward, then you have wingers who need to be fast and for midfielders, you will need a good all-round player with tackling, passing and shooting stats all high.

Think about these things when choosing your players to trade with. For example, choosing a midfielder who is slow, has a poor first touch as well as low passing stats but a decent shot is not going to be desirable. Kante, however, is extremely popular. He has an abundance of pace, great stamina, decent passing, and decent all-round stats. Despite these stats the pace, stamina and overall physical stats make people want him in their team. Did we mention he’s French too?! Bear these factors in mind when choosing players to trade with.

It makes a HUGE difference.
One more thing to remember although, obviously Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar etc are the most sought after players in the game, most users play with a BPL or Bundesliga team (particularly after the 2013 Champions League all German final and the huge success of Bayern Munich of recent years. Then there is he BPL which is the most watched league in the world after all).
So, you have your 15-20k FIFA 20 Coins in the bank and now you are ready to move on to the most profitable form of trading, PLAYERS.

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