Can the Path of Exile World Channel trade Currency?

First of all, I have not read the most original articles or announcements. The following are shared with my predecessors or friends. “GGG Official” prohibits the world’s “transactions”, but can sell “services” to “transactions” and “services”. “

As long as both parties have “exchange of Items,” then it is considered a “transaction.”
So what is the vitality of the book for the rainbow, the Val BV for the Val arc, the white beachhead for the dangerous wall, etc?
All are considered “transactions”
Only one party provides currency or other items, or both parties provide non-articles such as portals.
Let you solve the problem of solving masters, etc., even if it is “service”
For example, 4 masters and 7 masters who often see each other, daily Zana 1C, pure-5
(I haven’t entered the world before in a few seasons, but I remember that people who haven’t seen the service are being Ban)

So for the sake of reason, can you change the map frequently in the world?
As far as my knowledge and experience are concerned, the answer is no.

But there is a special case, that is, “820 channel”
Players will exchange maps at the frequency of the number 820 with the frequency of the transaction like Poe Currency Trade.
If the 820 is full, it will defer 821, 822, etc.
This is the unspoken rule and consensus between players. The reason why it is 820 is that it has something to do with the player ID that was originally promoted or the date of an event. (Thank you for the three: 820 is the day when the international forgotten master version is open, 2014 -08-20, so it is 820) Therefore, if you want to change the map, please go to the 820 series channel, don’t call Ban in the world 1 world 2 world 3

Above, if you have any mistakes, please correct me.
Just search for “POE world frequency map” on GOOGLE.
The first article has a message of 820 for the map.
So it’s really important to climb and search. It’s also useful to find a friendly guild to ask questions.
I look forward to the original PO and many newcomers can enjoy this game better.

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